Reflections from 2022 & looking ahead to 2023

Reflections from 2022 & looking ahead to 2023

Dec 19, 2022

Personal achievements

The year of 2022 has been fairly underwhelming. I've struggled with focus. Interests have been too eclectic and have followed every new shining thing possible. I started the year writing Compose apps — made a fair bit progress learning only to stop pursuing it around March. Restarted again in December only to have lost touch & forgotten everything I had learnt earlier in the year. Got into thinking about markets & finance early in the year too. Started Ray Dalio's book but haven't finished it — again, unable to keep up something that I start. Start writing about finance only to stop after the first blog. Need to start loving the grind. Falling in love with the swamp is the only way I can make progress in whatever I begin.

I take life too seriously. Yes, I want to create something meaningful. Yes, I want to be remembered for something great. However in that process, I am losing touch with what really matters. I've been pedantic about small things. This has led to a lot of mental strain. I will overcome this if I let go a bit and focus on my health, my family, and just letting go sometimes 🙂

I am my own personality. Been trying to mimic people all my life — I've always wanted to be a certain way. More assertive, curt, objective, and the ability to focus on my own work irrespective of what's happening around me. I am realizing that the more I try to be these things, the less I feel like me. I am inherently jovial and like to keep things light with humor and wordplay. I started losing that in an attempt to control everything around me.

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