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Welcome to Motley Brew 🔮

A journal where I distill what I’m reading into simple explanations. I’m an avid consumer of content — I read, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and watch a lot of educational Youtube videos. However, like many others, I’ve found it hard to remember and apply all that I consume.

This bi-weekly journal is a conglomeration of insights in finance, psychology, technology, and health. If that’s your jam, please subscribe!

I’d be using the Feynman Technique to explain things that seem complex in a way that doesn’t try to overwhelm or confuse you. To understand something complex, like the world economy, we need to break it down into its individual parts or variables. Once we know what these variables are and how they interact with each other, we can start to see how the economy works as a whole.

If you have ever seen any of Feynman’s lectures, you’d notice that he used a lot of diagrams to explain complex scientific concepts. Illustrations and visual representations help etch the fundamentals — that’s exactly what I intend to do. 🌈

So every other week, I will share with you some of the insights that I’ve distilled from my reading. I believe this process will force me to synthesize my thoughts on what I consume and how I can apply it in my life. I hope that you find them helpful in your own journey of learning and self-improvement! 🖖🏾

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🤘🏾 Connect with me on dem socials

🤘🏾 Connect with me on dem socials