Delivery speed automation

Delivery speed automation

Google Commerce

Design challenge

Enable merchants to setup shipping settings through delivery speed automation

Why automation?

  • Merchants expressed confusion setting up free shipping

  • xx% of retailers found it difficult to setup shipping: top reason being how complex the setup process was

  • Only xx% setup shipping correctly — rest failed and either had wrong shipping information shown in listings or had their account deactivated because of poor signals

Automating delivery speed setup will help with more accurate speeds with very minimal setup.

Design principles

Simple setup
Handle the majority of the use-cases through simple setup and abstract system complexity by providing escape hatches.

Leverage automation
Automate the laborious task of inputting the transit speed for each destination through integration with carriers

Progressive disclosure*
Reduce cognitive load on users by disclosing secondary features only if a user asks for them, meaning that most users can proceed with their tasks without worrying about added complexity.

* Study on progressive disclosure from Nielsen Norman group

Previous experience before redesign

Redesigned experience

Impact of outcome

  • All merchants globally using Google Commerce now use the new redesigned flows

  • x% increase in shipping service completion rate in a single session

  • x% increase for new merchants

  • Automation is adopted by xx.xK merchants covering x.xxB impressions

  • xxK US Shopify merchants boosted in ranking leading to xx% increase in impressions